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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Process-oriented programming contains object-oriented programming. It aims to model the experience of paying attention. This is a preliminary outline and graphic. See OMlulu and index.

Elobeing path icon Elobeing is a design for a member of a new species. It lives in 5D and is evolved or expanded from humans. Elizabeth OMlulu's spirit is a model and guide to many of the Elobeing ways. At first the Elo being was named after Elo, the spiritual name of my son Leo. But now I realize the "E" is for Elizabeth. The "L" is for Leo. And the "O" is for whole or OMlulu or the outer rim of the consciousness sphere. All are my teachers and guides for new species design. See the ongoing story.

Here are the first drawings of an Elobeing. To see these animated, click either image. Elobeing-aElobeing-b {Back to top of page}

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