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Our Mother, which Art in Earth song

Our mother, who art in earth,
Hallowed be thy heart.
Thy healing come,
Wholeness be done,
In us, as it is beyond.
Today we give our daily joy,
And forgive ourselves as we accept you.
We kneel to thee, earth Mother,
To thy higher self, my other
For ours is the freedom,
And the wonder,
And the love.
Now, now,
Now, now, now.
A le lu ya.

This could be under Transformations. These are the kinds of things that work for others but you want to change. They may work for you for starters, but then you imagine how they could be changed. In transforming, you create something new. Here the Lord's prayer is balanced out. Here's Chris King's version.Parousia to Immortality.

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