Sun rays

On the way to Galactic Center

Outer Solstice 2015

The peak of the Outer Solstice retreat for me came while meditating at solstice time 10:38PM CST on December 21. Rain was staccato presence on the tent rainfly roof.

Galactic beam spinesAs I sat and closed my eyes an image of the galactic beam appeared. I get that the tenderness with which I would approach any person is the way to reach out to the galaxy. Catharsis, catharsis, catharsis mrunes had appeared in the MCS Message Healing for the day. My galactic center is activated somewhere within. It is a soft puff, like a cloud of unfocused dandelion seed. Every person has one.

Rising sun, dune view at Deer Lake State Park, 12/20/2015The day before, I had started my holiday at Deer Lake State Park to greet the sun dawning into my darkness of the shortest day of the year. To let the sun beams, close to alignment with the galactic center, carry messages from that source.

My tent 'Content' at Pine Log State Forest campground at dawnThe weather forecast is for clouds and thunderstorms to come. I drove to Topsail Hill Preserve State Park and set up camp with Content, my tent, new this year. Wonderful to settle down into being there, at home in the forest. I did yoga in tune especially with the mycelium and underground networks. That night I meditated in remote contact with my daughter in New Jersey. Very rare for me to sit for 30 minutes without a thought, just being present. Earth turned toward tomorrow, the solstice, leaving the sun setting and galactic center beyond trees.

moonSleeping was cold, huddling in two sleeping bags, pulling the hood down and drawstring around my face. In spite of the incoming overcast and endlessly forming clouds I saw a bright star to the west and later one to the east. Some views of moon amid wildly racing mists.

Arabesque seed plant, seeds 1Mycelium from rooted up trailOn the morning of the 21st weather warmed in advance of the rain. I walked out to tune in to my surroundings. The graceful arabesque fronds I had admired at breakfast in tent turned out to be seeds. Seeds became my outer quest of the day to match my inner quest for guidance seeds for the coming year. Born on the solstice, each year returning to roots to renew my foothold. From there to launch into ever expanding consciousness. The green-blazed trail I took was strewn with roots in the way of the trail cutter. Some still clinging to mycelium.


Selected seeds

seeds 2 seeds 3 seeds 4 seeds 5 seeds 6 seeds 7 seeds 8 seeds 9 seeds 10 seeds 11

Looking forward to revisiting the seed sites on the Inner Solstice 2016 seed stalking. Back to Mystical Camping.

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