The tent "Content" with rainfly at Topsail   Content window from inside   Content windows and roof of netting 

Content with rainfly. Content windows from inside and netting roof at Pine Log State Forest, Florida


Photos and video have not captured the magical essence of this tent, "Content". The name applies in all senses of the word, referring to what it contains and the feelings it engenders.


The big windows all around and open sky above keep the bugs out of my comfortable space. Ventilation for deep breathing. Room enough for an air mattress, chair, backpack, food and equipment. I can see the sky all night whether stars, moon, clouds or cover it up for rain. I can reach up and not touch the ceiling. In it I feel centered and grounded in the environment that I adore. It is a good setting for mystical camping.

Tent site at Topsail  Hill Preserve State Park, FLorida

Tent site in Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, Florida

Tent site with electrical outlet, water faucet, clothesline, fire pit, and picnic table on a flat pea gravel pad.

The only disappointment was that the window zippers do not reach the full extent of the netting, so the covers obscure 6 to 8" of the bottom edge of the aperture. I regret that the manufacturer Ticla, has gone out of business.

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