Wholeo and HolyO defined

Wholeo is the ongoing search for the whole self, the Whole O, the all. Wholeo is pronounced "holy O." This reverence for all life is art, not religion. My first use of the word was as a name for Wholeo, the stained glass dome. The search for the whole self is about wonder. Here is an excerpt from from stained glass lib (1977).

I became insulated from all concepts, I made an abrupt decision. I could make babies with my body. I was in creative good stead with reality. I asked my mind to give me, via the imagination, some reliable information about reality.

I asked it to envision how my name occurred in my mind. This I would visually transmit. As I vowed to "see directly", a whole new vision world opened to me. My artworks were primitive maps with which to explore ever deeper into the territory of my being. I reconnected with Universal Mind.

Wholeo is constantly turning into holyO, the evolutionary acts of the whole self. The vision quest is also the activision, the vision act. Truly seeing something is an act, not a passive reception.

Search for whole self never ends, that is the business of the tonal. Acting from the whole self is possible anytime here and now. It is always happening.

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