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Star Person, sky keeper

Keywords: Rebounder, effect beyond. Like a rubber diaphragm, tool rebounds, but beyond, another effect.

Instrument: celestial bearings with creative rebound. Drum.

Get to know this station by ritual inspiration. For example, on the first full moon after the summer solstice.*. In 1996 the full moon was directly over a comet.

The drum is within. It is the cave of Brahma, the COB, the third ventricle of the brain. Do not focus on local color but open up to color possibilities. This creates a drum beat on the membrane within your mind that is like a fuzzy catcher and reverberator. So a spirit can bounce off and find navigation by the sound of the drum beat. Call the spirit a "galaxy person". The galaxy person colors are related to the expanded COB colors. And causes synergy, acceleration, like a wormhole warp drive.

The first 7 stations and Wholeo ritual spaces all work with this. From within Mt. Shasta to Peru to Gray Butte nearby Mt. Shasta, to the top, to bristlecones, to Deneb, or elsewhere. Definitely evolutionary.

ChanterThe face to this station is a chanter drumming.

* June Solstice lineup

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