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At first I saw a group of "Whole Light Beings" at this station. I'm familiar with such gangs of five spirits that work healing together. Getting to know the ones here in the Bristlecone Medicine Wheel proved they were a special type, called 'Hieloheal', rather than simply 'Light'.

Overview of the 5WHB group

5WHBs from inside the wheel. The gatekeeper is rear left.

5WHBs seen from the north.

Following are close-up pictures of each being. There are two pairs: WHB.1 is huge and connected by roots, the other, WHB.5 are small parallel keepers.


Color speak. This pair has touching roots (branches?) Hi! How are you? Enchanted Chortle Wha..? Yo. Yeah.


stump side stump frontThis is part of a root stump.


Ben Small part. This is a slender branching branch. The youth? This is associated with Benetron of the BMW. The son of the design for a new being, an Elobeing.


Runty. This is an ancestor. Old, worn, looks like a sunbeaten skull. Is called "Runty." Is the ancient one, ancestor of the chief and the shaman. Advisor to Benetron.


Pair of branches. A shelter for flowers.

WHB story

Now that you have met the characters, read the story.

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