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The shaman

Shaman appears

"C"ing. The Shaman's altar Looking you in the eyes as a double buffalo

One meaning of buffalo is the consciousness symbol. (That is a circle with a dot in the middle.) The keyword, perimeter, expanding consciousness, is perfect for this station.

This Native American is the shaman, the combined consciousness leader of the group and the one responsible for expanding consciousness. Dancing around the outside of the wheel affirms the expansion.

It is the simple toe-heel step, each way around the space. There's a good feeling, a feeling of starting on a fun thing, where I am comfortable and well-prepared but full of excited anticipation.

Chant (222 KB)

The shaman's instrument is the tamborine drum rattle.

When at the wheel, use this chant going around the circle. "Hi" (step forward) "ya", (bring last foot to closure with first). "Yama-ga-wa" three steps in place. In the pause before the next chant, place the weight on the alternate foot, so that the next step starts on the opposite foot from the last series.

Listen to the chant. "Hi-ya, yama ga wa". Today imagine a dome petal-like substance to interface us with perimeter man and perimeter man's consciousness.

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