Dream Journal Index, 1971-1983

Index to Hand-written Journal. For the context see Dream Journal in Art section. Pages 2-3, 4-5. Unfinished, over a hundred pages more to go.

Dream Index pages 2-3

Date Daydream Night-dream

Date Daydream Nightdream
3/5/1972 Read Practical Time Travel. Dreams are often time travel "Roman soldiers explaining and enacting self-immolation by knife"
3/11/1972 Leo Geary's birthday. He's with Mel in Minnesota. I'm teaching a class at Richmond College "Crazy Carol Fraser visits w/bus of children and nuns"
3/12/1972 3/19 Pompeii vision - black void "Lost Elizabeth in institution inside, found her outside digging hole"
4/11/1972 Arcturus & various stars, viewing Sirius 2 years ago "Businessman to die from health & politics". "To escape paranoia, swim, Sis & I in cabins. River & Keys"
4/6/1972 Getting ready to go west (was in Staten Island, NY) "Mel G/me late for St Nam Class is disorderly but holy/Eliz orange dress/fire over room
4/8/1972 blank "Nancy Cowan kisses me on lips" (disturbing)
4/9/1972 Note other dreams of Lost key, purse, threatened etc. "Traveling, visit Jerome, make it. He says I could be his girlfriend if ..."
5/6/1972 I want Mel away from Steiner people. Want the living touch "Nancy C. hates me, presses knife to jugular, but I'm not cut-able
5/7/1972 In June went to SF, Berkeley, Baer window NM, lost roommate and $400 "Happy w/Mel/50 kids for 5 cookies/trauma/Doreen w/Mel & man/Eliz"
12/7/1972 Wholeo dome up in backyard 2/20 panels. Projecting vibes to men going to moon. Visions of Tweezle wootz on moon. "Zap", "pucket pucket", "Vertical spiritual energies tr. to horiz. in wo/man"
12/22/ 1973 1/6 Telepathy with Rinpoche. 1/28 aura of magnet donut "Successful intercourse with someone"
2/13/1973 Vision of gold below violet, above St. gl. window "Find money & bus stop for Eliz/Man won't let me out of my fancy apt"
3/1/1973 Had met Monte Rio Community Center people/faith/3D spectrum at Exploratorium "Leo turned on bike. It's demolished in intersection & he's gone"
3/6/1973 Notes of chronology of dome. 3/10 insecure about moving to where? "Woke up yelling PAT! o save me from woman w/poison pin"
3/21/1973 4/1 moved to Russian River land. 4/7 Visions in Karl Potter's room (Seattle). 5/1 Moved to Rick Miller's land in Forestville "1.Bicycle stolen 2.Breaking into my house 3.I'm too disturbing in class, trouble hearing"
6/14/1973 Got Wholeo dome up 7/6 sad 7/18 standstill 7/27 back to work at Bump foundation Met Dennis Lucey. Note from Sunshine the Rainbow Chaser about Rainbow Show. (not dreams)
8/1/1973 8/6 fast pulse. 9/12 all has been building materials. 9/19 rained. I'm dry and have light but no heat or cooking. "Crow & Jerry Graham say Don't Stop/I will sell something/Eliz is my love child (giving me love)"
9/28/1973 10/14 Love communications with Rick 10/22 big storm 10/26 stove 10/28 Spiritual approach to building. "Mud sucking Hole. Eliz demands to go in head first. I'm horrified & comply"
11/8/1973 Started working on glass. 12/8 Mounting bliss 12/23 Moon sun, comet all in Sagittarius. 12/27 thoughts of Colorado 1/6/1974 E.M. Spectrum 1/25 lost wallet/reading Einstein. 2/11 saw Ever? 3/8 Einstein Infinity. (not dreams)
4/16/1974 Ross's color system 3/21 Sauna, parents, spring-felt unbalanced "Jane Chapman's house/I tell Everyone to leave, even the Babysitter"
5/18/1974 Note about good casual sex "Gwen/My house appreciated/Ma says Dad is no good lover/I tell Mel men poo, she's reconciled" (Sister named Mel then)
6/1/1974 Got Zen & Art of M.M. before. 6/4 Bob Pirsig fantasy. Learned Hatha Yoga from sister's book. Vision of being on incoming lightning beam of info. 6/3 visions of jewels
6/17/1974 No mention of Dennis Lucey's massage or Baba Hari Dass! "Gas, ghosts, prowler fears/Daddy says he takes the safest way"
6/18/1974 6/27 Went to SEE Center (sponsored by Drake) new-age consciouses "Swimming; Would other help me if I'm pulled under by the current?
6/28/1974 Today I got my driver's license (before dream I think) "At our apt w/sis/Alligators or whales in water on floor"
7/3/1974 At 8a.m. this is exact center of my life. /8 record rainfall. lightning scared me out of house (tree branch crash) "Visiting Mel Geary at nice place. Liz doesn't fall into trash hole"
8/1974 Endless fantasies, "I want" lists. Psychic research behind Iron Curtain & Secret Life of Plants books 7/10 Wrote my name with white pen somewhere near Pirsig. 1.20 Hari Dass Baba 10/24 Massage from Dionysus
11/9/1974 12/15 Eliz. color dream 11/23 3 women visit. Aura color yoga. proud of Wholeo Life changes/Keep skylight on Fire/Get people out of Rambusch
11/29/1974 12/11 philosophy of material feeling spirit modes. Finished Wholeo dome in here somewhere. 1"Sis puts me down" 2 "Apt ransacked" 3 "Eliz Fell to Death" Recurring
1/18/1975 Dream cont. into Dad's death acceptance & fantastic fantasy. Go to Colo. "My opened house & someone using my power/Ma on hill & I hear x Dad clunks over"
3/10/1975 Kundalini Yoga in Boulder/ I took down Bump & Wholeo domes. Put them in Rick's woods. Went to Berkeley & got ride to Boulder. 3/12 Fuller 3/18 Am not moving here
3/24/1975 Color fantasy with Bob Pirsig 4/19 Back in Forestville at Charlie's house. Pirsig drops in to visit! Offers me island in Lake Superior. I can't go there. May-Cosmic Color Consciousness Class through Davis to C/Saw M.R. House

Dream Index pages 4-5

Pages 4 and 5 (Did not copy Night dream column)
Date Daydream Nightdream
5/14/1975 Good thought about fastness, separate from speed & thought 5/27 I want to be a writer in colors  
6/18/1975 Moved to Cindy's. 6/15 fantasies 6/27 pyramid flying saucer, light  
7/13/1975 Loan approved. 7/22 I'm becoming an entity, not just part of earth currents. Hari Krishna festival. 7/30 Climbed Mt. Shasta w/sis & Leo. 7/31 blue wreathe vision. 8/8 moved to M.R. house. Sound, vibes 8/12 Totally involved in HOUSE. 8/29 Irwin going to peace  
8/27/1975 Into plants & juxtapositions 9/7 Funicula on beach VISION magenta.  
9/20/1975 House Blessing. 9/26 Fantasy w/dentist 9/25 Yoga w/John Glancey, Diana etc. 9/29 Wholeo symbol appeared  
11/6/1975 Felt my letter drove Bob mad/painting gate. 11/10 yoga breakthrough. 11/14 Spiritual Gura lady xxx, Trying to decide to go to the Glass Show at At Institute invited by Fenton. I got sick and didn't go. Getting addicted to yoga. 11/15 knee & back hurt.  
11/16/1975 Psychic work with evil in M'Rio & school board 11/21 vibes in Pomo baskets. Thanksgiving me & Liz alone, loved it  
12/6 /1975 Non yoga, early pearl making. 12/21 David comes to my "Caroling Party"  
1/1/1976 What people need to evolve. 1/2 How to eat thoughts of plants. Overcome sun worship  
1/7/1976 Going to put up Wholeo dome. Invoke protection. Anita strange. 1/10 Great description of nothing  
2/13/1976 In yoga-time stopped. We are all art works of Xanther. Yoga fantasy. Wizard of Oz as kundalini story.  
3/5/1976 Vowed to not do St. Glass to lift obstruction 3/13 Entered another reality. 3/19 Black hole book notes. 3/21 Crux has achieved simultaneity uses other radiation than light. 4/15 Zoip Gabe. See 8/16/78  
4/18/1976 Easter sermon on resurrection, pitfalls of yoga/buried acid outside  
6/6/1976 Wrote about B&N in N.Y. & Margolis  
6/25/1976 Last week had open-walled apt. again. Mention dreams, no control but don't write  
7/2/1976 Simultaneity/one chakra & here & Shasta. 7/10 Meditation easy, but no purpose, no guru  
8/21/1976 Glass magnet (buried glass)/straight spoke & dot yoga (B. Pirsig). 9/15 fast vibes & Dionysus  
9/22/1976 Jesus. 9/26 WHOLEO Blessing. 9/17 Got guru, cylinder channel & pearl making  
9/28/1976 Quigley's Tarot/Christ experiences/Psychic massage/direction?  
10/20/1976 Scared of sauna/alt. school to Wholeo. 10/31 Back pain. 11/10 Black column YOGA  
11/12/1976 Parents here. Dr. says do vagina squeeze. Art aims  
11/22/1976 Fussing about slides, Dan Fenton, Mary Botelle & Fresno show. Xmas trip to L.A. Cowan, Fresno etc.  
2/1/1977 Telephone Om/Alice in Wonderland/Money/Psychic dome promo/Liberating Handmaiden  
2/3/1977 Alt. nostril directional breathing/Goddess visions/ Met Danaan & Lila/ Liz & Danae break with Christians over Female position. Lila's Women's temple. 2/24 Gave Dionysus Whole Ritual 2/25 Vision of stairway  
3/27 /1977 Magic of Findhorn/Nancy visits/Water spirit at R Gulch/Leo coming in summer/ Plant art ideas  
5/4/1977 Riding in pickup w/bicycle. 5/5 Lila's Temple on sound INDIRECT  
5/12/1977 Friend of Andy's, rejected Rick (after Yvne died) becoming dead to life  
5/18/1977 Plan to go to Titicaca to Brotherhood/ 5/24 Sphere of wholeness - kept navel energies  
5/25/1977 Parents here 6/1 book 6/3 Wholeo design in vibe  

See also timeline and journal. {Note, the last dream entry is on 4/6/1983. When I got my first Model 100 computer, files saved on floppy or floptical disks. Maybe someday I'll retrieve my journal for the work years at Watkins-Johnson, Raynet, Wollongong, Altos, Borland, Amdahl, and SGI and beyond.}

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