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Here is the background for the Leo energy traces in New Zealand pages. It is hard to know what if anything this had to do with that person. The problems are not only due to the time since it happened. There are differences in method, direction, and places of travel. Also the degree of involvement in the traces varies. I sensed more in South Island, but that was after I started working with the traces, rather than simply observing. An idea from physics is that the observer influences the observed. And it is a metaphysical idea that we create our reality. So for example, my conscious vacuuming traces and replacing with bliss points might have affected what I saw.

This is not so much a disclaimer as a listing of variables unaccounted for in the vision. Another whole area is the time since I wrote the notes, often in words, that in themselves were a symbol of the experience.

Another fuzzy area is how much Leo's own development of graphics in his life influenced the amount of graphics I would see. Also, how much is self-fullfilling prophesy? One of the main aims of my trip was to deal with these energy traces that I felt were there. So in reality, I made it all up. Just like I made up Leo himself, I seem to do these things.

All that said, I present this experience as the best way to communicate what was very real to me on my trip and what is still an important vision for me. Get the sensation. How did he get from here to there? Here are two self-portraits. The photo to the left shows Leo at the start of his trip. He was the college grad who had left his country and his scientific field. The poster to the right shows Leo near the end of his trip. He became a designer, flier, climber, and friend. Syckic Secrets Revealed!

Leo at the start of his trip Leo at the end of his trip

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