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Earth Star and Lichen Song

Dream from someone far away, known only through the web, on January 24, 2010, by Judith G, one of the founders of Dreamshare*, an online dream discussion group (

Wow, just recalled that as part of my dreams this morning I am outdoors, maybe late morning on a cool dry day, in a meadow-like place. A large blue (sort of faded cobalt with some violet in there) earthstar that had opened and looked like a flower, about four inches across and a slender stalk somewhere between 12 and 18 inches high. It had opened so that the inside-out parts of the flower really looked like petals and they were roughly equal in size and folded toward the center slightly, and the center of the earthstar was darker blue and also looked like a flower, and was star-like as well, maybe five or six roughly equal points. it was dry and somewhat woody-looking and could have easily been a centerpiece in a vase. I recall noting how pretty it is...

I'm working with this dream to bring together elements such as earthstar, earthball, deer lichen, and the basis for transformation: Lookout 2010: MindField 2012 in a video.

earthball on stalk

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