Wait up to a minute or longer until all data is transferred and the movie is playing (creek water moving).
To stop, click pause button ( || ) at left end of controller bar. Then to step frame-by-frame, use keyboard arrows

Econfina Creek Watery Colors, QuickTime MP4

Info about the place, trip, and movie on the main page. Date: September 16, 2011. When movie is completely downloaded and playing you can stop it. Try dragging the controller bar thumb (little diamond shape) watching the counter to the left. It counts in seconds from 00:00 at start to 01:11 at the end. That is one minute and 11 seconds or 71 seconds. Now count the number of times you press an arrow key to make the counter change. It takes 30 key presses to change the seconds counter. Notice also how much the movie changes with each step. For more about stepping frame-by-frame see Wholeo weB Log.

To see the movie on this page, you need QuickTime 7+, available at http://www.apple.com/quicktime/. Update now. The more recent the version, the better the playing. If the movie doesn't appear, try opening directly wateryColors_5.mp4. If that doesn't work, clear your cache and try again. This movie is here! It is large and takes a long time to download.

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