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October 18 2013 Full Moon at 6:38PM CDT

Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis October

Moon, closeupOn the day of this full moon, the Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis Event came to me. In meditation the night before, I wrote, "Got some full moon guidance. Saw spine and the amplituhedrons with wafting clouds in rose colors but infiltrated and edged in blues." This morning, "It was crawling, like urbanized, completely alive, all the edges and faces swarming, just moving blueness. Can't say it was particularly liquid but maybe molten because there were no crystaline edges, no outlines, no definition. This is as hard to picture or describe as the blue powder nesses. Probably composed of that. Ah is it that they kind of condense on a proper structure and reveal their inherent liveliness."

At the full moon, "This spine is a real spine. It is crawling and seething with blue coming up to the brain stem. I allowed it to infiltrate earth. {Loud cackling laugh.} Brain cell had an overall EIEnor seething SEETHING with blue. I see the amplituhedrons staying as frameworks. Not like a skin or a volume. It's a gesture, not rigid."

At sunrise meditation the day after, "Breathing in the blue crawly amps, up the spine, stem suffusing brain. Breathe out was total exuding from every part of me, allaura exhale. But this was the darker intense Galactic Beam Being blue. Tapped into the etherial blues above and below galactic center, as pictured by NASA and in my movie and actually as formed Wholeo symbol about a year ago." Also it morphed into the Wholeo Shaman Seed and core of Eyebing.

At October full moon, Eyebing is 5/7th of the way to the Galactic Center

At October full moon, Eyebing is 5/7th of the way to the Galactic Center

Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis Event. Facebook Event. See Hello Galaxy.
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