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Earth with respact to sun and galactic center on the Follow EquinoxWhat is the Follow Equinox? It is a specific time that happens once a year. Why Retreat on Solstices and Equinoxes? answers some what and why questions. Click image to the left for a view from 2015, of earth following the sun with respect to its trip around the center of the galaxy at the moment. If you prefer, see the video on YouTube.

This year it happened on September 22 at 9:21AM CDT. I was floating at Blue Springs, listening, meditating, and tuning in. This video takes you on a kayak ride at Blue Springs over the Floridan Aquifer. It tells and shows what came to me. I have repeated some links from the Blue Springs page. Here are links past, present, and external.


Observances are storm-, heat-, and bug-dependent. External links.

Econfina Creek:
Map of Econfina Creek from Blue Springs to Williford Spring

Blue Springs Complex:
Map of several springs, pool, grotto, swamp and runs or 640 px taken from Springs Fever

Travel page:
Blue Springs

Travel page:
Williford, the spring to Econfina Creek that is south of Blue Spring

Follow Equinox on 1997 - 2015, 2018

Best wishes on 9/22/97 no further link

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Vision Quest at the Great Spirit Path in 1999

Sunflower Welcome and View 2000 in 2000 start of global, see related links

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World Wide Panorama entry in 2004, and also 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009

All Day Meditation Retreats in 2010, 2011, and 2012

Follow Equinox on 2013, the year of new-found, galactic-related names for the quarterly events.

Journal report on meditation in 2014

Peace Day, Follow Equinox, and Full Moon 10 in 2015

2016 this page

Follow Equinox 2018

External Links

International Day of Peace:
UN -
Peace One Day -
Invocation Vigil Registration -
Unify -

Northwest Florida Water Management District:

Description and location of each spring in the group, called Washington Blue Springs

Springs Fever website has a map of the spring distribution at:

Mobile map of the campground location:

Walton Outdoors - Econfina Creek Recreation Area:

Good site for Galactic Center:

Sky map: Wunderground Astronomy Site - 9/22 at 9AM

Wunderground Weather:,-86.25447845&sp=KFLSANTA5

Blue Spring in December, 2015 | Blue Springs

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