In 2005, celebrate Sanctuary. Continue to look forward to the year 2012.

New Year's Eve: a party on December 31, 2004

February 14: Valentine's Day

March 20, Equinox: 12:33 UT. World Wide Panorama project on "Marketplace". See The Peace Wave at The global event follows the ringing of the peace bell at the UN headquarters (see and hear it in 1998). The wave sounds around the world for 24 hours starting at noon your time.

June 21, Solstice: 6:46 UT. World Wide Panorama (WWP) project on the theme: "Water". See the Full Moon meditation at The first Cancer full moon in 2005 is Wednesday, June 22 at 04:14 UT (Tuesday, June 21 at 11:14 pm CDT, USA).

September 22, Equinox: 22:33 UT. See Hallow Hollow for healing energy artwork amid Hurricane Rita, also a World Wide Panorama (WWP) project on the theme: "Energy".

December 1-30: Between new moons December 1-30, engage the blessings of the season. Follow the New Group of World Servers Festival Week from December 21-28 at

December 21, Solstice: 18:35 UT

December 22: Take a Minute for Peace as called for by John McConnell, Earth Day founder, at

December 31: Worldwide Panorama: Best of 2005, 305 panoramas from around the world

For worldwide events, see the Global Meditations Calendar at

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