Streaming seeds
Seeds of the Outer Solstice ready for 2016

Year 2016

Magical Pass Series 1, Group 1.04 and 1.06"The magical passes for the recapitulation bring the energy body to the physical body, which are essential for navigating into the unknown." Carlos Castaneda from the book Magical Passes. Resolved: read this and perform Magical Passes.


February 14 2016, Valentine's Day

Full moon ahead to the timespace of Easter, 3/23/2016 Advance Equinox or March equinox - March 20 at 04:30 UT (March 19 at 11:30PM CDT). Blog.

Inner solstice 2016 Inner Solstice or June solstice - June 20 at 22:34 UT (5:34PM CDT)

Day out of Time - July 25. Day Out of Time for me led to this, ahead of its time.

International Day of Peace - September 21. Peace One Day.

Follow Equinox 2016, Feeling Stuff Follow Equinox or September equinox - September 22 at 14:21 UT (Sept. 22 at 9:21AM CDT)

Pine gleam detail intensified Outer Solstice or December solstice - December 21 at 10:44 UT (4:44AM CST)

This is the last annual season page of Wholeo Online. In 2017 we are or it is or I am wholeO Onward. From now on, season dates will be in my weB log. See Season page.

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