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Studies in alignment - altar, yoga, meditation, 2016 June 21 International Day of Yoga

Inner Solstice 2016

For June 20, 21, and 22 2016, here is a schedule of meditation, yoga, seed-stalking, campsite and moon<—>galaxy quest plans. Observances are storm-, heat-, and bug-dependent. Subpages are beach, sky maps, Mrune Message Generator healing, EIEnor Color Healing Generator, and camping and plant photos. Note: these pages are a work in progress.

June 20 Full moon and Inner Solstice

Moon, sunrise, moonset and full moon panoramasJune 20 Monday early in the night go to beach, look out to see full moon which is highlighting Galactic Center. As earth revolves, sun appears and as moon gets closer to horizon, sky lightens. Eventually moon sets. Questions to consider. As the moon and sun are opposite and each is closer to the horizon, are feelings about the alignment and contacts less earth-involved? Click to see June 20 schedule with sky maps. Click to see Beach panorama settings.

June 20 Sun rises at 5:42AM CDT

June 20 Moon sets at 5:59AM CDT

June 20 full moon time 6:04AM CDT Where? Meditate?

June 20 day. Consider the weather and the Seed Stalking mission. If this looks like the best day of June 20-22, go to Topsail Hill Preserve SP (THPSP), walk the map and take photos. Alternatively, if the morning's visions compel, follow their lead.

June 20 solstice time 5:34PM CDT Where? Meditate?

June 20 Sunset 7:48PM CDT

Moonrise 7:59PM CDT

Actually, I followed the original plan to go to Deer Lake State Park ramp early.

June 21 International Yoga Day

Pine tree gleamJune 21 Tuesday Another chance for the beach moon to galaxy quest early on (see description on June 20 above). Actually did Sunrise Yoga.

Sunrise 5:43 Yoga

Moonset: 6:51 Walk to Lake to honor the near solstice moon (did not)

Yoga Day Summit: 11:00 CDT on

June 21 day pack car and go to park. {Done} Stalk seeds when get to campsite. Will do Carolyoga practice in tune with global events of the day.

Sunset 7:48PM Global Yoga Wave unifying the world {Done}

Moonrise 8:49PM

I'm spending a one-day Inner Solstice retreat on June 21 2016 at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park at the same campsite as I celebrated the Outer Solstice 2015. Solstice time 5:34PM CDT on June 20. Celebration starts with the full moon at 6:04AM CDT that morning and continues through the International Day of Yoga on June 21 and Seed-Stalking through June 22.

Setting up camp with Content, my tent, new last year.

I plan to revisit the seeds found six months before on December 21, 2015, the Outer Solstice. Considerations. Since it is too hot to do almost anything, I might not be able to photograph during the day. Since height of bugs, might have to wear netting suit. I might not even spend the night. Could just be a day refuge. Could be that I have only reserved the campsite so I could photograph the plants there. As it worked out, I was not able to move, but did stay the night in the tent.

June 22 Seed Stalking

Sun raysWednesday If I have spent the night at the park campsite (which I did), ideally I would have another chance for the beach moon to galaxy quest early on (see description on June 20 above, but mission was accomplished on June 20). Problem is how to get to the beach except the long walk (so I didn't have this problem). Could rent a bike for $30. Borrow a bike? During the day I can finish seed-stalking too (which I did).

Sunrise 5:43AM. Started out on the hike.

Guided Plant Hike 9-10AM Topsail Hill Preserve State Park (did not attend)

Moonset 7:46AM


Good site for Galactic Center:

State park website: Topsail Hill Preserve State Park and Upcoming Events

International Day of Yoga:

Million Meditator Sit With The Moon:

Yoga Day Summit:

A Spiritual Significance point of view:

Sky maps:

Wunderground Weather:,-86.25447845&sp=KFLSANTA5

Labyrinth Locator: Wild Heron Preserve Labyrinth

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