EIEnor Color Healing Generator Inner Solstice 2016

EIEnor Color Healing

Inner Solstice 2016 EIEnor

On June 19, a day before the solstice, I got this guidance:

I must be ever more inwardly attuned. Just now at 7:30AM saw EIEnor. Saw that the colored rectangle language in Beyond Frame of Reference relates to those 14 squares. When I get these visions I try to pin them down knowing I could be falsifying all the way. Most basically, I think the only way I can perceive the talk is with expanded brain cells. Like an instrument, electronic device. But my seeing them is right that they are outside our (my) frame of reference. Can see a really cool movie with the EIEnors below and the flashes above, in sync.

I did a color healing to guide this action.

Did a color healing that has astounded me. This is Fatherís day and I have masculine runesigns. Signals for Iver K. Lind, my father. Elobeing for Leo John Geary, my son. Benetron for the Evolutionary Grandchild. Movement for the twins, grandchildren 1 and 2, Leo Marcel Archer and Max Fritz Archer. Open for grandchild 3, Hans Christian Archer.

2 x Scrall Zero is to keep equal shamanic ties to the undivided at the Noint Joint, for all your worldly ties to the divided, so having a very tight balance. Not wildly dynamic as the raisin can be. This is perhaps the most beyond our capabilities of any of the new runes. 2 x Nancy/Hieloheal. 2 x Chakra X Wholeo Symbol. 2 x Benetron B Evolutionary Grandchild.

So my usual thing is to group the doubles. So I would have two groups of Ben Scrall Chakra Hieloheal which fall into left and right. Left: Caroling, Omlulutet, Point, Elobeing, Priest. Right: Signals/Iver, Manifest, Open/Hans, Movement/twins, Prayer. Consider the Wholeness as part of a bindrune with Hieloheal over it. So I have 9 to the left and 9 to the right. Excellent. Now what does it all mean?

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