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Beyond the Frame of Reference

Journal entries from Wholeo weB log, 2016, about beyond the Frame of Reference (FofR). Alternatively, see video on YouTube.

5/25 I tuned into aura. It is all crystals and starlight. How can I do art about that? Then saw myself walking along in a flat rectangle. Maybe 7’ square, enough to surround me. Like polystyrene or some light foam pellet plastic material. Maybe 2 or 3” thick. My body is embedded in this. Even though face and rest of body protrudes from the front and back of the plane, I don’t see or feel around it. I have no idea what is around it. That is, maybe I do. Yes I do. I do know more. But my frame of reference keeps me bound. I'm continually limited.
Thinking that all our art representations are like that, our computer screens and TV. Even if we did holograms, they would just be expanded descriptions based on our square.

I could play with artwork. I know that I’ve expressed insights like this before. One could find a million similar wisdom readings. According to this perception, thinking outside the box is just expanding the plane out. I feel like I did in Scotland in 1954, when I first decided that yes, I’m an artist. I had no actual idea of what Art was or what I would do. All I knew then was to study what the world called art and try my hand at it.

So here I am back to square 0. World can’t help. There are many that claim they can. But my path doesn’t lead out there. All I can think of to do is go back to the OAR16. I need to have a beyond OAR something or other. Somehow. Some way. Someday.

5/27 Had a creative thought about yesterday's vision, that the square is not our frame of reference, which collectively we have projected beyond everyone’s reach. The square is how I can scale it down, in order to see beyond it. Trouble is I don’t know how to see beyond without projecting.

Just before going to sleep was thinking of it as a cube, so I could be in it. Got out WINA, looking at Wonder in her storage block.

5/28 A significant vision of what it looks like beyond of the square. It is not what it looks like, it is how it affects us. Reviewing a page, the T-Mobile advertising approach, which I think is incredibly effective, kicked in. The heading colors started flickering up and down, still in the upper portion. Varying in length of stay, frequency of appearance, transparency, vertical position, height of band. So there was a bombardment of bands on our screen. It reminded me of the table of elements in colors that I saw and liked on Facebook ( Emission Spectra of the Elements).

Also the way astronomers judge distance by spectroscope and red-shift. I was also getting sounds with this, shifting in unexpected bleeps and whisks and puffs and gongs in beat rhythm, asynchronized with color.

Is the most I can do is suggest how we expand our attention to wavelengths? And they are not vibes. It is as though I was seeing them skewed and from the side. Now seeing head-on.

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking this could be combined with nature experiences. Eventually, I want to integrate the beyond into the within.

So I got up to take my walk on the beach. When what Caroling wants to do is play with colors right now.

Visions of the horizontal band language (see above) mixed with nature movies feeling these two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

5/29 a flat band can be tipped to appear slanted or longer or shorter like a vibe shape seen previously. It is just more generic or basic.

5/31 The vibes up top, that is the bands did what I said they could, turned to reveal their vibe natures, slanted, right or leftness. Angle to us was the second vision, like Rolodex, or what is a more general non-jargon description. What looks like a flat band from the front, when turned to right is a fan of bands mounted at base on a horizontal rod, so numbers of them radiate from the central axis or core.

6/14 Feeling complete, whole, OK, and yet like what is important is maybe in those flashing bands of colors appearing up top, outside the frame of reference. I may be reading them, talking in them. Maybe even preparing for something.

6/19 I must be ever more inwardly attuned. Just now at 7:30AM saw EIEnor. Saw that the colored band language in Beyond Frame of Reference relates to those 14 squares. When I get these visions I try to pin them down knowing I could be falsifying all the way. Most basically, I think the only way I can perceive the talk is with expanded brain cells. Like an instrument, electronic device. But my seeing them is right that they are outside our (my) frame of reference (FofR). Can see a really cool movie with the EIEnors below and the flashes above, in sync. I did an EIEnor color healing for the Inner Solstice 2016 to guide this action.

6/20 On the ramp at Deer Lake State Park at 4:54AM. Walking toward the dominant light in the sky, the round bright moon. I definitely feel a different energy in my frame. Turning to look where I expect sun to appear, visionary field went from zigzag to ballooning. Slight fluttering of the lower edges of the heading bands is information. Spirals whirling. Whirlpools.

Tenderness as rising sun rays throw my shadow toward the moon. During this time off earth, mind was on band boogie. Transitions is where it's at. Bands coming from behind, with rippling edges. Moon faded slowly, moving imperceptibly into the haze at sea as sun intensified.

6/26 Thinking about artwork, seeing how a movie could work. Start out blink blink fast. With water background and slows down into the crystal background. I should try and get a movie with the micro lens. Then start to see the rippling edges and the information there. That might even get magnified. I don’t know if it will ever get translated. I’m not just seeing sine waves. There is some kind of double wave where there are ups and downs at the same time.

6/30 I’m having to change “rectangle” to “band”. In the original frame of reference I find my frame of reference as a rectangle, then change it to frame and square. I then get “heading colors” outside of that and call them “band”. But then I start calling the bands rectangles. Very confusing. So I’ve decided to change the heading color references from rectangle to bands. Have to change this in my mind and beyondframeofreference and blog. Where else? In the blog on 6/20 I mention the “rect language”. It has to be “band language”. That is so much better anyway, as in bands of frequencies.

7/2 Had some visions of bands coming closer and farther, maybe animated position getting bigger closer. Also could get fuzzy on edges. As if swooping in, not just dipping in one plane. Not sure if this is just my meddling mind or a real vision.

7/6 When I tune in this moment, I get action ruffly at the top. Also at the bottom of the screen. Is it possible that some bands are stationary with ruffle talk?

Beyond Frame of Reference incoming7/7 As if on a stage looking up at the drapes, the rows of drapes that could be lowered for different areas. But looking edge on instead of sideways to these bands. Maybe I could photograph some flared material. A skirt? A scarf? There was another part that was not only a splash screen but a lead into the movie. I seem to have lost the content. Feeling that it could have been figurative. But this is supposedly beyond.

Written on the drawing, "This is what I've been seeing for a couple of days. Wrinkled input with resultant puffs of puff-stuff."

Beyond Frame of Reference Up and Down7/11 Now the wrinkled input in the drawing of 7/7 comes about halfway from the top and there are response wrinkles from below. Between are puffs that I guess are the communication exchange. Maybe like chemicals.

7/12 I see puffs coming and going up and down the flutes of the flares and mixing it up in between. Seems like modeling a communication process. Not extra ordinary. But maybe not ordinary. How do I know?

l Looking at the Setting image for Nature Meditation, it generally resembles the vertical meeting of ups and downs in modeling the communication process.

7/14 Verticals uniting. Signals singing along the verts with puffs within I guess. That was the first vision. Later it seemed that the flashing (which at first of this whole thing and what is in my movie) is now vertical and the colors are different. White orange black green red blue, more primary colors.

The vertical visions started at a slant in vert space. Turned directly vertical. Got base repeat, so more vertical. Now flashing vertically. How fit in horizontal template? I did just see a plaid effect. The horizontal still happening with a vertical display, maybe 3/8ths of the screen to the right.

In the movie, could have a text and audio narrative. Possibly start with verbal intro. With each new feature have a break or transition or maybe access granted details. On the other hand, language is definitely part of the frame (FofR). Should everything framed have a visual frame/border?

Seeing red Stars of David shapes on green ground. Yellow on red. These could be created with the horizontal, vertical, and angle directions. Feeling like these are an intellectual creation. Not valid. But why judge? It appears. Kind of like quilt, made of strips. Want to run away from the challenges. The bare ugliness of all this. Like Mondrian. {Researching Spiritual In Art book, I learn that Mondrian was a mystic, intensely interested in spiritual subjects.}

7/16 Working on the BFofR movie, I get that the verticals could become the whole FOV, field of view. As they advance to the left it should feel like we are advancing to the right, focusing on the visions. Could movie end that way? I have to admit that basic facts of existence fascinate me. Horizontal vs vertical. Left vs. right. So basic to our experience. Just naming them causes a sensation of why not feel all the other basics, unacknowledged basics. Tugs on my body sense, my sense-of-being sense. Do I not use these? Or are they working but I don’t recognize them? If I did, would my life sense be different? My action different? Would I die to this world? Will they act in some other way, shape or form?

7/17 When tune in to BFofR I see some light or illumination from the upper right. The horizon faintly flashing, the vertical not flashing so much as glimmering. How to get that effect in movie? Maybe keeping same overlapping shapes and gradually changing colors.

A high vibe like flutter at low level. My shaman interprets this as possible sensitizing to another reality. My normal watches for symptoms of illness and searches for possible antidotes.

Now looking at my movie I’m seeing qualities in the flashing that might be keepers. The orig start is the orig vision. Then comes same-height bands with color glimmer. Fetching. Then comes black over color that introduces kind of a drum beat or digital on/off. That has to be developed. I get that I’m not only trying to represent what is incoming, but designing language for outgoing. So these creative modifications will spring up, not to be quashed but to become features.

It is getting pretty good. I have the precipice feeling that I’m at the edge of my art. Seeing a way to finish what I’ve got but no idea what comes next.

7/19 Picturing me with a skull or bathing cap or shaved head with cosmic sun moon stars images on head. At the same time from inside, a light coming from the rayed orb on my skull. As if into the environment or a room.

7/21 Very brief vision of the vertical bands coming from a dot along the horizon or middle of the screen and expanding into a v band, fast. So it would feel like being bombarded. Not sure when this should happen in the sequence.

7/22 Got vision of exploding incoming, reminding me of the beyond the big bang mama ring in OAR16 Visions of Feminine Light Vibes, Beyond the Big Bang Mama ring and something from what was it Mamagua Essence Action - 2003. It seems like a ring, actually, I think Jose of the Mayan calendar had such a ring of characters. But this was fresh, unformulated, like catching popcorn exploded kernels, which I’m to decipher. They weren't going into vertical bands. I can hardly keep up with this guidance.

I'm stunned. Facebook shows me that two years ago I shared Leni's ads for an app of Albers' Interaction of Color that is in vertical bands and looks so much like what I thought I was channeling in my movie. Reminded of the contact in Sandestin with the ancient consciousness. Is it possible there is a timescape, like repeating certain states of color or consciousness at certain times makes a picture or timeview like a drum language that can be read by beings that live in time the way we live in space. I mean where time would be basic and sequential would be spacial. Can't reverse them, it seems.

7/24 Got that it is fractal when I've expanded across to the left as in my movie, then smaller (narrower) faster vands appear. And in those, even smaller and faster. There is so much work to be done on it. Hmm, is vands a typo or useful term for "vertical bands"?

7/25 Day Out of Time (DOOT). I've gotten over the galaxy and space and all the frame of reference. More valuable to me is thinking of the day out of time as a day out of the frame of reference.

Doodle7/28 This is a doodle at a meeting of beyond the frame of reference happenings.

transitioning7/31 Vision status. The horizontal bands have a fulcrum from which drop down the vertical bands. The fulcrums become the dots in the glow expanding rings. So it looks like the rings are or the ring is composed of arrays of dot band/vand data.

Sample Sample of the movie.

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