Nature meditation

Nature Meditation

It is June 27, 2016 at Morrison Springs, Florida. Come climb with me, walking over sand, through spring water, into a Cypress swamp, and up onto a mighty rootstock upolstered with softly curled tiny rich ferns to recline comfortably against the trunk of a grand old tree. The heat of southern summer beams in with the light about to the high water line. Below, the temperature is moist and cool, perfect. A perfect place to be close, no, inseparable from nature. It is around and breathed into every fiber of my being.

Spine erect as are the trees encircling, surrounding. Arms to sides with hands entended on limbs in open communication position. Eyes half closed with gaze down. As seen, the trees grow down into green watery world where sunlight is surface. Gradually logical structures dissolve traveling to the core of meditation. There or here now is neutral. No flavor or tint. The tender familiar melting into immense intensity. Intense spaceless. Timeless. Sufficient.

I feel installed. Eyes widening, looking up into the trees, sharing links, associating freely in arbor network of consciousness.


Cypress swamp at Morrison Springs


Cypress seat in the swamp at Marrison Springs

Swamp view

Scene viewed from sitting on the Cypress tree seat

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