Inner solstice lineup with full moon

Galactic Center - Full Moon - Person - Sun

Inner Solstice 2016 Sky Maps

June 20, 2016 CDT (Central Time Zone) sky maps on the hour that includes each event on the day of the Inner Solstice 2016. They are sunrise, moonset, full moon, Inner Solstice, sunset and moonrise. For diagrams of the lineup of sun, earth, you, moon and galactic core, see the Inner Solstice 2013. See also Beach setting plans.

Sunrise east5:42AM Sunrise east

Sunrise 5:42AM Sunrise

moonset 5:59AM Moonset

Moonset in west 6:04AM Full moon

Solstice5:34PM Inner Solstice

7:47PM Sunset

moonrise 7:59PM Moonrise

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