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Inner Solstice 2016 Mrune

On June 16, four days before the solstice, I felt vibrations beginning. Some thing in the texture of attention, a call to focus. I've not been doing Mrune Generator healing regularly, but felt one would be good now opening the doors of intention to this special event.

OK hold off on i still dont get it. There are two axes. N-S is Lax-Lax. Tilted a bit up to left is W-E furtive-furtive except that this axis seems more like in-out. Ive got Nancy/opposite. Elobeing/being. Omlulu/savor. Caroling/treble. Anybody else? Yes, Iver/balance. Hans/furtive. Tipsy4, fear13, dynamic is/25 and note/15. OK seeing a pattern of 6 upper left fear 6 lower right. That would be Furtive(hans) savor(omlulu) tipsy opposite(nancy) treble(caroling) lax. VSfear balance(Iver) evolutionaryBeing(leo) lax dynamicIs note Furtive(hans).

I have decoded the healing. Spinning on the pointer of fear are two mirrored, two ways perhaps like the dorje the poles of the thunderbolt. The furtives are flipped left and right horizontally. The laxes are flipped up and down on a slant but vertically, they are opposites in a way. Starting with the lower, balance of the evolutionary being tripley is furtive dynamicIs lax. Notice that dynamicIs is a sub-fulcrum.

Look at the upper as a same but different image. Opposite is like balance. Savor/OMlulu is like Elo. Treble is like the triangular note, tripley. Furtive tipsy lax, where tipsy is a sub-fulcrum. So maybe it is like what is that pattern that continues whether large or small. So what is this saying though. Significance for the solstice. Further study needed.

The background is a dark emerald haze. Why is the center fear? How does lax-dynamicIs-furtive related to furtive-tipsy-lax. When read like that it looks like a progression from lax through dynamic to tipsy and back to lax.

Thought passed my head that being able to see unclear but similar relationships is like passing some tests or getting through some filters in development. Evolutionary development.

Note that colors of counterparts of the lax-furtive pairs are rather complementary. Furtive is turquoise to orange. Lax is green to fuchsia. Dynamic is light blue to red. Also the lower triple set is cool colors. Upper triple set is warm colors. The evolutionary beings are cool and the triplers are warm. 13 below (including fear and the top right fuscia stone) and 13 above. There are 13 mrunes.

So if I do these with yoga, what order? The way I discovered the patterns was to start with fear down and across. To read the up, I could say bump with tight right and above that bump. An alternative would be the 13 lower neck rolls plus bg. Alternate above.

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