Williford Spring, 2016-07-29

Williford Spring - Econfina Creek 2016

Northwest Florida Water Management District seal, 2016What is it? A wondrous upflow of the Floridan Aquifer. Williford Spring Recreation Area in the Northwest Florida Water Management District is for Boating, Floating, Picnicing, Birding, Swimming, and Hiking.

Where is it? On Econfina Creek in Washington County, Florida. On SR 20, 8.2 miles east of Hwy 77 and 5.8 miles west of Hwy 231, one mile north on Strickland Rd. Address: Porter Pond Rd, just south of the entrance to the Econfina Canoe Livery.

When is it open? Open to the public from dawn to dusk each day.


Spring - Floating in Williford Spring, 2016-07-26 Managing water -  Pavillion, 2016-07-29 Hiking - Bill Cleckley on Nature Trail, 2016-07-29 Growth - Cone flower, 2016-07-29 Interpretive Signs, Williford Spring - Econfina Creek 2016

Spring: Floridan Aquifer spring and swimming

Managing water : Entry road, parking lot, pavillions, boardwalks, protecting the spring from storm runoff and erosion

Hiking: Nature Trail and the Sylvan Spring Trail for hiking

Growth: Plants, wildlife and views of the area

Signs: Interpretive information

Possible other topics: Ribbon-cutting visit on Tuesday, 7/26. Boardwalk along spring run to Econfina Creek. Boat dock. Picnic Pavillions.

Links and description

Here is the 2016 Northwest Florida Water Management District page. Updating a previous page description of Williford Spring:

This spring vent emerges from beneath a submerged limestone ledge into a 57-foot diameter pool. Maximum depth measured at the vent is 12 feet but the conduit extends further and downward. There is a large surface boil. A number of ancillary vents are scattered along the west bank of the 443-foot long run. The spring is next to a Water Management District recreation area.

QR code - NWF Water ManagementWeb page: http://www.nwfwater.com/Lands/Recreation/Area/Econfina-Creek/Williford-Spring.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NWFWater/home

See background info on the 2008 page or Williford Spring video 2010.

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