Floating in Williford Spring. Photo taken from Panama City News Herald TV by Patti Blake, 2016-07-26
Floating in the deep healing waters of Williford Spring, Northwest Florida Water Management District. Photo taken from Panama City News Herald TV by Patti Blake. I'm not that flat but the feeling is there.

Floridan Aquifer

Williford Spring - Econfina Creek 2016

Williford Spring 2010The 2010 underwater swim video shows my first swim in the spring. It was closed for restoration and improvements from 2014 to July, 2016.

YouTube Caroling swimming by Leslie Kolovitch, 2016-08-07.

YouTube Swimming over the edge of Florida's Williford Springs by Leslie Kolovitch, 2016-08-07.

Swimmer, 2016-08-07 Swimming in Williford Spring, 2016-08-07 Lost flashlight in Williford Spring, 2016-08-07 Spring swimming, 2016-08-07 Spring swimming close Spring swimming closer, 2016-08-07 Williford Spring run meeting Econfina Creek murk, 2016-08-15 Feet with rainboid water, 2016-08-07

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