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Blue Springs - Econfina Creek 2016

What is it? Kayaking on the Blue Springs pools of water fed from deep under Florida, the Floridan Aquifer. Clear waters reveal fish and tadpoles where seething green algae has not spread. Feel the flow of the run to Econfina Creek, eventually finding its way to the Gulf of Mexico. Access is from the Northwest Florida Water Management District Day Use and Campground site. Photos on September 22-23, 2016 by Caroling Wholeo Geary.

Map of Blue Springs and Williford Spring on econfina Creek 2016 This map shows three blue spring sources as three black dots between the winding blue-greenish Econfina Creek and Blue Springs Rd. at the upper right corner. Williford Spring is a single black dot downstream toward the lower left corner where Strickland Rd meets Porter Pond Rd. Both are accessed from SR 20 in Washington County, NW Florida. The recreation areas are part of the Northwest Florida Water Management District Northwest Florida Water Management District seal, 2016 for Camping, RVs, picnicking, fishing, canoe launch, canoeing, hiking, wildlife viewing, swimming.

Where is it?

On Blue Springs Rd. east of Econfina Creek in Washington County, Florida. On SR 20, 8.5 miles east of Hwy 77 and 5.5 miles west of Hwy 231, 1.3 miles north on Blue Springs Rd. Address: 5247-5273 Blue Springs Rd., Youngstown, Florida. Latitude/Longitude: 30.453238, -85.529542


When is it open? Open to the public from dawn to dusk each day.

Topics: Coming after the Follow Equinox. Below are the first and last images in the slide show. Start with the color up close. Finish with the way you came, going back up the steps to the campground. A main spring vent is to the right of the stairs.

Blue Springs color of the water, Slide 1 Blue Springs Campground and pools, Slide 20

Links and description

Econfina Creek:
Map of Econfina Creek from Blue Springs to Williford Spring

Blue Springs Complex:
Map of several springs, pool, grotto, swamp and runs or 640 px taken from Springs Fever

Follow Equinox 2016

Williford Spring 2016

External Links

Here is the 2016 Northwest Florida Water Management District page.

Web page:

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Northwest Florida Water Management District:

Description and location of each spring in the group, called Washington Blue Springs

Springs Fever website has a map of the spring distribution at:

Mobile map of the campground location:

Walton Outdoors - Econfina Creek Recreation Area:

See background info on the 2008 page.

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