Predicted preview

Looking east from campsite #4Forest and path, light aheadLooking south from campsite #4

Actual experience

Content Ticla tent at campsite 4 Strange hallucination. Like a little blue figure running along the edge of the lake.

Moonrise and sunset from Eastern Lake Campground 2 on 9-21-2018

Follow Equinox 2018

What: Tune into the Follow Equinox of 2018

Dates: September 21 – 23. 9-21 at 12 PM to 9-23 at 12 PM.: September 22 at 8:54PM CDT

Where: Campsite in Point Washington State Forest

Content: In process

Theme: Forest bathing. Moon bathing. Dew color signals. Life sensations are energy generators. Tumultuous convulsions to forcefully manifest the aligned balanced intention.

Acceptance with integrity.

Records: Journal in the weB log. Social networking.

About: Balancing point of the equinox is at 8:54PM CDT on September 22. Starting a Follow Equinox Retreat a day ahead of time and ending the day after gives time to settle in to the mystical campsite to attune to the experience, followed by opening and integrating insights for adventures ahead. Picture your position on spaceship earth as it directly follows the sun traveling in its orbit around the galactic center. Yet tune into super galactic forces perpendicularly. Each of my cells is a tiny gyroscope spinning in sync with our intersecting cosmic orbits in balance at the moment of the equinox. I choose to camp in the forest for this event. It is two days before the full moon at 9:54PM CDT on September 24 so it is following earth, almost in the lineup.

See green slurry with blue rhythmic rain drops on the roof

Extended celebration

Terrific arch pano from the backlit dawn cloud arching over the gulf to full moon territory, which was banked in with sun pinked huge cloud. Before and after camping, I built up to and came down from it with daily increasing and decreasing meditations. An important anchor was the full moon and my son's death day on September 24. Dawn walk on the beach featured a giant blue arch from sunrise in the east to the full moon setting in the west.

Point Washington State Forest

Map: driving to campsite from Hwy 98.

Pt. Washington State Forest Florida Forest Service site

Eastern Lake Campground 2 Reserve America site

Pencil engraved with these words:


Sky Maps


9-21-18 Evening moon and sun 9-21 evening moon and sun at 5:54PM CDT


9-22-18 Sunrise sky 6:15AM CDT 9-22 Sunrise sky

9-22-18 Sky before equinox 9-22 Sky before equinox at 5:54PM CDT

9-22-18 Night sky at Follow equinox 8:54PM CDT 9-22 Sky at equinox at 8:54PM CDT

Color Healings

Follow Equinox 2018 EIEnor Color Healing Follow Equinox 2018 EIEnor Color Healing

Follow Equinox 2018 MCS Color Healing Follow Equinox 2018 MCS Color Healing

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