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  • See 8-6-15 screen saver. Feel I need an anchoring sacrament here. The howl. Actually that unites the two symbols: baboon and wind. Doing the gnarly bristlecone hieloheal is bringing evolution to the raisin In right greetsun, doing shaman rings, got much clearer ideaof how they are structured with station 15 attention. First the two rings are drawn with neck roll. Two METs connect, one to each ring (tangential, that is the ring is a disk in an associated MET). Lastly, an outside ring forms for each MET, shown in turquoise color. This is the basis for the vertical shafts to back. A variation on "vertical spiritual energies translated to horizontal in human." How are hueman, evolving to colorman (hue, get it). In left greetsun, doing the bristlecone initiation gate, feel all the rings created, 12 sets. So 24 CLBs, one topping each MET are attracted. O-'le, Who-le-o. (a good 5-syllable chant for walking.) Patricia's petals flock to the CLBs. They are very compatible. The petals flutter around like butterflies around giant flowers. In Shaman's rings, seems like it all has been done. Anything else to do? At ceboop in carolyoga, realize all is focus on back. And wonderful Mac screen saver of ultra blues and purples with flares of magenta, curling with gold. Patricia's petals are like the feelers from the baboon onward. And the CLB are the connection with the wind (wrote ring, seeing stack of automobile tires). This saver is reminding me of the patriarch tree aura. The back thing has associations of backpacks and flight packs, all projections of the frontal reality of science. Need to clear that. In ice hall realize none of the backs are on display. Have to have an expanded exterior vision of backs beyond the room, which is exceedingly difficult to see. However, I almost went to sleep and finally relaxed. A necessary step. This is a very simple step, really. It is aura action. The column of shaman rings, METs, CLBs, and petalflies is the analogy to the brain or the heart. It is the great center where the connections are made, stored, updated, and so on. Trees do it. The column of shasta can do it. Of course aura action seems so subtle as to be ineffectual. But there's a lot more to it than I know. meditation, felt good sitting. Put on blindfold. Could see aura blotches of yellow patches all over the sky over the wheel. Saw an aura path of Leo on his last flight. Went up there and flew with him for awhile. It was amazingly difficult, being a pilot, feeling the wind and tendencies and manipulating the canopy. But incredibly elating, wheting the appetite for discovery. This territory mostly wilderness. Felt good about the closeness in aura. Forgot what I came to write here, at the end. Was it the chizel being that seemed to appear here? {for Leo?} Wow. Spinal twist, that I seem to have been spacing out pretty regularly these days, really caught my attention today. I was aware that the twist is to the behind, to the back. And focused in aura being, the noint joint seemed quite different. Seems like the undivided is much more familiar, a place that I mostly am. Science self only sees the divided. Aura self is mostly undivided. {Huh? 7/10, this sounds oversimplified! Actually incorrect.} the divided is a little pool in vast undivided. The undivided in aura could be seen as a little pool in the divided action of aura, which is unlimited by science spacetime.

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