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Wholeo guide, parts in Magenta

The Magenta guide goes into the pattern and the parts of the Magenta arc in the dome Wholeo. It doesn't show up distinctly in the all around view.


The Magenta follows the earth-colored Above arc. Compared with Above, Magenta elements focus on your inner aura, flux of your mind, and perception. It's the gateway to essence. The Magenta arc is one of the major arcs, coming from the upper left hand side of the Spring-Creation hexagon. It is also the outside of the aura of the God Cell in a Wholly Developed Individual, or essence.

Why Magenta? It is the farthest out color of the spectrum. It's beyond blue and red-violet in the color wheel. It connects the end and the beginning of the Arrow, bringing it full circle. It is mystic completion. It's the opposite of gold which is the center of the God Cell.


Cosmic JuicesLinked and interwoven with the previous arcs are Magenta Cosmic Juices. The picture to the right shows them as the appear when you are facing north, looking at Aura Wavelengths. See them as they appear on the Sun Path. See also an introduction to Cosmic Juices in Wholeo. See a medium or large photo as it appears with the gold Tweezle Wootz.

aura"Aura-Wavelengths" is a statement about how the wavelengths are in the aura of a person. The red wavelengths might be in the center going out through the rainbow through red, yellow, green turquoise, blue, violet to white light around the edge. It's also a notation for wavelengths. The longest are in the center and the shortest are on the edge. So you could write in Wavelengths.

starlightThe orchid cloud is "Liquid Starlight of the Mind," around the Aura. It is the way the aura is connected to the brain. You don't just use your brain but your whole aura in intuiting, reacting, living, thinking, being, and being conscious and aware. The liquid flows as channels of awareness.

Air - space "Space in the High Sierras" is another special panel here. It has something to do with our atmosphere and altitude and the way we perceive it. That has something to do with the way Cosmic Juices are transmuted. I saw this image in glass when I returned from a camping trip in the mountains at 10,000 feet. Actually it's just a picture of how a person feels when they start relating to the whole. Everything turns and gets colorful. It's crazy and everything's bubbling up. So this is the feeling of connecting with wholeness.

sig"Signature" is the last panel. With acid resist, I painted the words Wholeo © 1974 Caroling. In hydrofluoric acid, I etched the red flash glass away from the blue base layer.

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