Forest and path, light ahead

On one of the paths near a creek leading to Eastern Lake, Star Anise.

Inside Content looking at the forest

Advance Equinox vision

Advance Equinox 2018

Dates: March 19 – March 21. Campsite: 3-19 at 12 PM to 3-21 at 12 PM. Advance Equinox: March 20 at 11:15AM CDT

Content: In process. Could have gone into Web Art since it is above all a visualization. Or vision quest. Or Lookout. Or Season. Etc. Its genesis is under Mystical Camping.

Tesseract, a hypercube 4D or 5D evolution of a 3D cube. Also called an 8-cellTheme: Reconciling Woman's Kundalini outer solstice with OAR16 and possibly the hypercube or tesseract tessering. See an animation of the 8-cell to the right.

Records: Journal in the weB log. Social networking in a Wholeo Facebook event.

Balancing point of the equinox is at 11:15AM CDT on March 20. Starting an Advance Equinox Retreat a day ahead of time and ending the day after gives time to settle in to attune to the experience, followed by opening and integrating insights for adventures ahead. Picture your position at the front of spaceship earth as it directly precedes the sun traveling in its orbit around the galactic center. Each of your cells is a tiny gyroscope spinning in sync with our intersecting cosmic orbits in balance at the moment of the equinox. I chose to camp in the forest for this event. See report: Vision.

Meteor Crater Spirit (MCS) Color Mrune Healing for this event Meteor Crater Spirit (MCS) Color Mrune Healing for this event.

Color healing EIEnor Color Healing for this event.

Woman's Kundalini breathing practice Full Screen and/or Woman's Kundalini breathing practice. Alternatively, see Carolyoga Kundalini from Caroling Wholeo on Vimeo.

Map: driving to campsite from Hwy 98.

Pencil engraved with these words:


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