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Advance Equinox 2018 Visions

Here are visionary thoughts from three days camping for AE18 starting on 3-19, centering on the equinox on 3-20, followed by 3-21. Background in the weB log.


Woke up at home at 5:30 thinking "Happy Advance Equinox 2018". But that was after savoring dream remnants.


Hung up on the end feeling where I'm saying "Hi" and unable to express the complexity of a deeper joy of meeting and feeling close and connected. One of those falling in love feelings of no barriers. Great adventures ahead. Tremendously happy at being selected and invited.

In the beginning of the dream, frayed threads of seeing him here and there off and on while interacting with activity and others. Catching eyes. We are seeing each other. At one point the dream focuses, he is in front of me saying, "Will you come to Africa with me?" I am engaged. Do not remember saying "Yes" or "No". Not feeling "no", but stunned.

Of course I say YES. I'm on my way. Later he comes and faces me. "Where are we at, now?" I say "Hi". Meaning I need to start from where we meet and get to know each other. I realize I'm not completely ready to go. I see see slightly crestfallen look in his face. But we are not separated.

Shall I call you "Africa"? He has the same stunned feeling I had on invitation. Not a NO. But in wonder. What does that mean to be called by where I am or am going?

To me it seems to mean that possibly for me I need to write to clarify and objectify thoughts. Possibly Africa can read this. Or I hope and want it to be true. but I need to make a carrier wave. I need to do some intense visualizing creation of mechanisms, processes, player, charters set in this drama.

I'm going to a place where I'm more directly connected to earth-sun-stars. Not sure that is how to go with Africa to his Africa but it is my ground and feeling of where I am at.

I ponder the dream as I prepare, leave home, and set up camp in the forest. I need to know where I am at and where Africa is at before I go or get there.

On the way I learned that Af the man in my dream that looks (is?) like a mountain lion or panther or cougar is not Africa. Is guide. Interpreter. Host.

TRUST Dream visitor. Sage lit when doing yoga.

I feel inner acceleration, elation, brimming with speeded up, concentrated joy on myofascia, micro-cosmic scale.


Hardly conscious on wakeup from an overcast night's sleep broken by muscle pains from the exertions of moving outdoors to a tent. Could be tripping to


for all I know.

Last night I focused on Woman's Kundalini breathing but it felt stilted, artificial.

Woman's Kundalini breathing. Currently I seem to be doing it all the time. Star. Cone. Flow glyphs. Drops on helmet. Drops down rivulets. Drops coalesce below. Drops flow up illuminating gathering wOs s. Flow up cone. Also star center action.

Green spiral up cone in Woman's Kundalini breathing 3-20-2018 Had a stellar meditation.

Breathing in to drops at base. Breathing out fetches wOss and with the green spiral other way up the cone powers direction to contact. Breathing in stores potential. Breathing out is jet propulsion, pumping forward. For insight into breath pump method, see here.

Pain on right side not always alleviated with posture. Kept hearing things: bells, chimes, notifications. Once there was a magnificent choir sign, sign not sign but singing in all parts resounding through forest. I had a climax at the end. The climax seemed to mark or fix or cement or grip or attach to whereever we went.

When was the rusty-colored golden tones of the Arizona water-washed caves? But glowing, absolutely powerful molten glow. First a horizontal bar with maybe like a license plate with buttons to push. When writing this, I got the sequence of buttons, to work on like dreamwork, call it visionwork.

. 1 0 7 3 *

Period is a point. Star is 5-pointed. Like Carol. There are 6 buttons like the number of letters in Africa. Here it is:

AE18 vision of guidance license plate buttons See AE18 Visionwork.

What appeared far ahead These colors morphed into a face. Kind of like sun faces but also like a person with friendly, amused, welcoming smile. Could be lion I guess.

Toward the end a bunch of birds loudly exclaiming, then gone.

Wow there was other stuff. What an adventure. So glad to be there.


The night sky was clear and stars were bright. After midnight, I woke up and saw a star cluster had come into view in the center of open sky. Could not recognize any constellations. Kept thinking this is where we are headed. There is Africa. The original seems paradoxical, out of Africa, going toward Africa.

In the afternoon, taking a nap at 4PM, thinking I would know I would have slept after 4 if I wakeup at 5. When sleeping I hear a telephone ring once. Waking up, I know that isn't a real call. Looking at the time, it is 5PM. Wondering at that, I get an image of Aff, my mystical Africa tour guide. He says being able to do that is normal if staying in touch with the Advance spirit, a path spirit. I see the glowing visage. It is so close to depictions of our own sun. Part of the same family.

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