AE18 vision of guidance license plate buttons

Advance Equinox 2018 Visionwork

Dreamwork on AE18 license plate graphic

This graphic sequence is from here. Questioner: Caroling can you be in visionary meditation? Caroling: Yes. Q: "Be" each of the symbols from left to right and speak for each of them. Can you greet the point?

C to point: Takes me back to being in the tent Content at the equinox moment. The point rests at the back of my throat, activating speech center and is also at the heart of Africa (as in where I'm invited by dream man). Thank you point. Also seems to bring Trips blue for balance.

C to 1: Is the bright yellow with white blinking after image of the faint blue to the scene. Won. Wonder is won. The 1 is a single step, a single count. Grounding . unitary. 1 to 1. In binary, 1 is on.

C to 0: Is green not represented in this license, which is of what is ahead. Green is what we lovers on earth are doing. In binary, 0 is off. Yet alternate to on. Inseparable from on. In a sense 0 implies everything, all. Not all the rest, since 0 has no existence, All is total, 100%. In binary, that is 1. This sequence is forward from the point. 1 is ahead. 0 is stop. 7...

C to 7: First thought is the number of discrete names of notes in an octave. 7 is the number of steps to the next octave C D E F G A B C. Blackish purple. Ahead. 7 pushing up to 9 is the entrance.

C to 3: Orchid pale pink. Intensity. Not forward or back. Not left or right. Not 1 or 0.

C to sparkle star: This is separate from the face, is the last button on the plate. Is a location, transducer. Like International Space Station. Is WK breathing origin. Exit/Entry. So from here I cycle to the start of the license, the point. 3D beings such as me are linear in time, yet with propulsion can wrap in 4D or 5D about which we have multi-confusion. So in location it looks like a cycle. But with propulsion, intensity, and intention, with focus there is progress ahead.

C to Face therein. Does this have to do with the method of propulsion? Flames at periphery, smiling vibes at center. This is a joke. It has been a head, merely a pun. You make stories and adventures to amuse yourself. It has been a muse, more than a pun. Listen to the birds.

The numbers refine the Breath Pump at the start of the vision. Breathe in 1. 0 out. For 7 I go in, out, out, out counting up to 7. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Breathe in and out takes 3. Repeat. Powering evolutionary direction from the point. Here is a way to do it:

Green spiral up cone in Woman's Kundalini breathing 3-20-2018Breathing coil for cleansing and energizing. 1. Visually trace the spiral starting at the top as you breathe in, following the turns all the way down and in to your diaphragm. 0. Turn around and twirl your way up as you breathe all the way up to the top and out. 7. To the count of seven, breathe in one on your way down and then way, way out on your way up, slowly watching the winding path. 3. To the count of three, gently breathe down in and finally up all out. Repeat this pattern.

Blue light vision Days later, vision of blue light over the ruddy colors.

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