Art, Not White Mountains

No Mountain

First there is a mountain,

then there is no mountain,

then there is.
This is then there is no mountain. You are climbing. Everything is changing. Nothing is sure. To see More No Mountain, go to the right, click the right hand. To go over the top, click the up hand. To go down to flatland, click the down hand.

More No Mountain is the next in a series. Think of a comic book or cartoon. You move from one panel to the next to see what changes. On the mountain, the point does not change. What changes is how we are relating to the point. The series of panoramas gets ever deeper into this spin of I and the universe and the path.

To 'More No Mountain' To


If you don't have a QuickTime 3 plug-in for your browser (PC or Mac) see If you have Windows 3.1 or you get a broken icon, try opening the movie directly. This panorama is compressed with Sorenson video (50%), which should be compatible with most browsers that have QuickTime 3 software and plugin.

This QTVR panorama, at no mountain, comes in three varieties:

  • Sorenson-compressed. Large window (480 x 360 pixels. Works only with QuickTime 3 (QT3) or higher. Auto-load for plug-in setting connection: 56K Modem/ISDN or higher

  • Sorenson-compressed. Better quality, window 320 x 240 pixels, and works only with QT3 or higher. Auto-load for plug-in setting connection: 28.8 or 33.6 Modem.

  • Cinepak-compressed. Medium quality, window 320 x 240 pixels. Auto-load for older QuickTime software or QT3 plug-in setting connection: 14.4 Modem.

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N -- Mt. Shasta, or S -- Two Thumbs, and Spirit Coil -- I and the Universe.

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