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Imagine, Evolution -- design for a new species, Elobeing

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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Notes on design for a new species, named Elobeing.

Elements of a species, based on human, perceived, or imagined, and evolved to new.

  • cosmic juices


Start with their 1 at our level 8. 12 normal. OMlulu concentric sphere type collapsible to disk of rings. Accessible with eloorb.

Cosmic Juices

See info Elobeing2, 9/19/93, CJ from pyramid capstone. Note similarity of drawing to OMlulu capstone, with hands grounding in two thumbs faces. Contrast our CJ basis as cluster, possibly part of a shower, with single stored source.


Might be nonlocalized as expressed 9/8/94 journal. Contrast our sum total of individuals in parts as chunks with an individual that can be everywhere, everywhen, holographically present, not divided, but still existent. Somehow I think that is the CLB spirit associated with the Elobeing, but the Elobeing has a form.


Eyes associated with hieloheal. Where it is going (feet) what it is doing (hands) and what it is knowing (head). Needs more consciousness to process three visual focus sensors. Found a Maori statue about the three eyes, with eyes, hands forehead (knowing) . Mouth, ears, elbows. (doing). Ass, feet, connected by tongue (going). Contrast our localized eyes with three sites, altho not sure if hearing and touch (taste, smell) are our other two. Hieloheal gets all levels of vibrations.

Spirit Coil

See 10/27/93, 12/14/92 Each spiral tapers to base.

Geometry of Consciousness

Red ring around MET. And MET in Elobeing. EIE.



How Human gets the information

Interspecies communication? Interdimensional communication? Creativity? Intimate part of this modeling process is how the info comes. The base camps. The geometry. The channeling. {Not sure where this heading belongs. True for all? Put in design?}

Freedom of gravity.

Chakras start at the level our 8th chakra.

Eloba, mate, other satori way, 5bc

Buffalo, Deneb, chunks of tetrahedrons. Spirit wind: Elo beings have spirit wind as part of system and generate as communication. Like sending colors. In fact may be medium of sending colors

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