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Imagine, Evolution -- design for a new species

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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Notes on design for a new species.

Elobeing is elements of a species, based on human, perceived, or imagined, and evolved to new. Eloba appeared beyond the center of the galaxy as a mate.

  • cosmic juices

Cosmic Juices

Cosmic juice of Eloba is irradiated with bliss beings. That is there are orbs of bliss blue in the gold of the juice. And possible the gold of the juice is oranger, like spirit animal.This difference in cosmic juice basis is what makes the difference in her reality.


Mates with Elobeing.



Eloba brings capability as different from Elobeing as earth consciousness is from flights of the imagination. Like a whole new realm of consciousness, sensed by us as satori, but for eloba, as natural as daydreams for us. And for eloba having much more dimension that a simple mind-blowing all at onceness. I think it is different than satori, but beyond satori, but also contingent on satori, the way our meditation is. Satori is still the highest, but this is another path to satori. But for us, not attainable.

Sees Noint Joint chakraspherically as saw with OMlulu and chakra shells. Saw her doing spirit coil phases within the noint joint, beyond, within the undivided.

How Human gets the information

Interspecies communication? Interdimensional communication? Creativity? Intimate part of this modeling process is how the info comes. The base camps. The geometry. The channeling.

Eloba, other satori way, 5bc, physically beyond center of galaxy

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