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A spirit name

Before Elizabeth was born, a name for her came to me. It was Mlulu. Along with her middle name, O, Mlulu formed her spiritual name. A name given by spirit.


Birth painting: O Mlulu

Design work

Wholeo installation design

Elizabeth designed a secret garden setting for Wholeo, the stained glass dome. For more of her works, see the Art, gallery section.

Size and scale of Wholeo, drawing.

Meeting the whole spirit

Elizabeth and I have stayed close although our lives are on widely separate paths and we live near different oceans. Gradually I'm getting to know a spiritual force or being associated with her. It is known as OMlulu.
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Miscellaneous pictures and references to Elizabeth. Bristlecone forest, a picture by Elizabeth and two of her. July 4, 1998 color healing photo show.
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