EIE peek

Evolutionary Elobeing Traces

In 2002, o n stage, you started to explore visions of a new species under design and development. Enter the story for the Elobeing design exhibit. T In the realm of evolutionary design, everything is alive and has consciousness. . The web page series starts here.

Element, unit, trace, wing, member, root, facet, cell, angle, token, fragment, atom, sprinkle. Trace is best, I think. Start with black and gradually a triangle moves away far enough to see shape. Isoceleses. Then traces pull off, arrowing in their directions, finally leaving the original paling in grey. Then the current minimize/multiply feature occurs. Make the banks of triangles not move in lines though. seeing the vertical language. Reminds me of what I was thinking of putting as background of traces yesterday. Also of language of ancient civilizations that got at lagunitas on the way from Arequipa to Puno. t should have sounds made by my voice. Not tools and inanimate objects. It should have a singing quality. Actually maybe it is "caroling" without convention and repetition. I should draw this. I remember particularly a wiggly kind of cross-talk that doesnÕt go all the way across, that kind of reaches out to be "grasped" by the listener. The language expression is not complete until it is communicating. the slant should not always be to the right. It should be left and right. new hit on background. The tilts might be animated. As might the verticals. In other words, the length and tilt and thickness of each line might continuously vary. This is not a storage system, but a transmitting language. Thinking about the background of traces, how need to open up the forest of vertical lines, and make the grippers more active.

The entity and the background interact. Also the background is active too. The entity develops from the traces, which come in from top left and expand horizontally right, then shimmer and jostle into banners. Banners are always unsettled in left to right , but still forming wavy columns. The wavy gaps ressemble the language environment, which is the background, which I called the setting.
Now thinking that this space IÕm defining is a stage and artificial design space with conventions. Evolutionary beings come from top left back. Human this world beings approach from bottom right front and actually are born in lower third left 2/3 area, then slanting up right and diagonally back. new Elobeing traces musing needs a new background. Lavendar. And could be a combo of existing Trips and the design high neutral.

First was musing, where 6-armed star whirled. Actuallly maybe two prototets, or triangle ribs, herald elements, triangle elements developed, sweepers zooped in from upper left and a band of traces gathered upper left. Only one blue. Then the huge blue spins out and breathes. Then we scan up, or the being moves down into view and MET/EIE consciousness peeks into the frame from the top.Then perhaps flys away and we see a field of lots of fliers.

Technical requirements for viewing

A visitor with any access to the web crosses the threshold to the site, but a Flash 8+ plug-in on a PC or Macintosh platform is required to see and interact with the exhibit on stage. You need get Flash Flash 8+ to see the Flash animation. Demands on the computer processor and graphics capability are high. On an older, slower computer with less memory or if the movie starts and stops, replay it.

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