Brain Crash video moment

Ongoing Visions - Day Out of Time 2017

In time, the Day Out of Time 2017 visions are ongoing.

Brain Crash

Short story from the weB log on 8-7-2017:

"Feeling sick. Climbed into bed. Think I did sleep some. Then got this massive brain blast with lines of zapping snapping sizzling signals that banged together in the middle, caused a brain crash then retreated out quieted down. I can't tell if I'm getting signals due to tuning in. Or if I'm having strokes. Or if I have indigestion. The image is a rough sketch of four stages of the crash: 1. grid, 2. cohere, 3. fires (smash), 4. Reassemble." Here's a video snippet of a 3-second crash.

Alternatively see the video on YouTube.

Galactic Beam Unraveled

Writing from the weB log of 7-30-2017:

"What I call a 'beam' has been on my mind since the visions on the Day Out of Time, 7-25. Almost immediately I identified the vertical bars not only with the beyond visions, but with the galactic beam. The first contact with this image or transmission is on the cover page of Mt. Shasta and the Galaxy People (MSATGP) in 1979, where the galaxy angle is reversed in the human egg. Another place it comes up is with the Galactic Beam Sync in 2013."

Continuing on 8-10-2017:

"In Deer Lake State Park, coming up to the ramp, thought to tune into beam. Saw a variation of the MSATGP cover beams. Less angle, coming from left, but with the angular pattern in it. That became a depth sculpture, changing proportions, as if walking through an architectural maze construction, changing angles. Thought I should study that more. I should simplify my life to focus on this more." In fact, this video will evolve from the unraveled elements.

Alternatively see the video on YouTube.

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