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The Dymaxion Map above is from the R.Buckminster Fuller page. It is part of the HoloWorld site, which is part of the World Transformation site. The following form is a copy of the original on the Pole to Pole 2000 promise page. However, I've added my promise (Carol Geary).

Promise For Positive Action

As the earth enters a new millennium, we can personally take actions that help mankind and our planetary home move towards a more harmonious and prosperous future. We each have our own unique way that we would like to contribute, such as helping to:

This is an opportunity to contribute to the planet and the people who live here. We make this promise to ourselves only, there is nobody watching over our shoulders. This promise and the promises of many people around the world will be carried by the members of Pole to Pole 2000, to the South Pole and presented at the dawn of the new millennium on 12.00 am January 1, 2000.

I promise to make the positive changes I have written below. I will read this promise each year at years end, assess my actions, and restate actions for the following year. My words will be frozen in time, and my actions will impact generations for the next thousand years...

This is my promise for the year 2000:

Small scale: I promise to be a conscious consumer and recycler to protect earth.
Medium scale: I promise to devote my energies toward the best Year 3000 millennium ever.
Large scale: I promise to evolve my consciousness as cosmically as possible during my stay on earth.

Signature Name Carol Geary Address City Phone number
Want to make a donation? Any amount from a dollar on up will help... Please add it to the envelope. For more information on suggestions for action check out the web page www.igc.apc.org/millennium E mail this Promise to martyn@trail.com or mail to 1704B Llano St., Suite317, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87505. {Back to top of page}

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