Feather power

Feather Power

On September 24 I channeled: "The great feather insight. There is no one-way movement. Truism is that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. My experience that caused me to remember that law was when looking at the feather after meditation. Each breathing, when direct attention in a certain way, like to heart junction with stomach, is like flowing down the strands of the feather to the spine to the root. At that very impetus and time and flow, attention equally flows upwards and outwards through each strand out to nothing. Looking at the feather is a soothing impetus to graphic the energy flows."

Today, October 11, when creating this page, I realize 9/24 was the 25th anniversary of my son, Leo Geary's death day. Climbing in the mountains where he crashed in 1992, I channeled the Bristlecone Medicine Wheel. In the metaphorical power spot, I ground Feather Power in the wheel.

Multivers & I from the movie "One With The Wind" On the day Hurricane Nate came hurling towards the Gulf coast, I tuned into wind energy as spirit coil. One With The Wind movie ends with multi-spinning both ways.

In the weB log for 2017-10-07, I track visions of double spinning energy. Here is one of them.

The Adventures in Expanding Awareness 2017 movie ends with: Spin both ways. Spin both ways'


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