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Spirit Coil 2017

10/07 Today, I am sure I will not evacuate. I will stay here because Hurricane Nate is on track far west of me. However, I am in the flow. I woke at 1AM. On a morning walk on the beach. I said to my camera, "My goal this morning is to commune with the wind". In the weB log I dig into past resources, searching on Spirit Coil. A movie became in progress. It felt like envisioning the process was necessary for communication to proceed. See the Vimeo movie above. Alternatively, see the YouTube version.

10/08 To an online post about empathizing with nature I replied: "I've been doing this with the storm whirlwind itself. Fractals of the beyond, galaxy, earth, my spirit coil and the delight of all my cells. Shamanically, encounters are both ways and ultimately one (or none)."

10/09 Earlier I was flexing spirit coil. Like a butterfly newly emerged from cocoon pumping wings. Light is pink golding. I am so lucky to feel so healthy. Such delicious food. Bugs and birds zooming out back. Wondering if it is right to take control of coiling? Spirit coiling? As I did in my painting, there is the overall coil armature. But it is composed of myriad spherical and tubular systems. Where would the flexors or muscles be? Would control emit from spheres or some overall .... I'm seeing the kind of patterns in the what is that light of mind stuff called? Liquid starlight of the mind.

10/11 The graphic is the Galactic Spine appearing in the MCS Message Generator for color healing. That is a Flash application, perhaps obsolete. The spiral coiling path serves in visualizing communing with hurricane force winds universally, in multiverse. Both ways.

10/19 For spinning both ways, see Feather Power.

10/25 Images.

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