OMlulu, adept -- a dance teacher spirit

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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Process-oriented programming contains object-oriented programming. It aims to model the experience of paying attention. This is a preliminary outline and graphic. See OMlulu and index.

2/2/97 Journal excerpt. I wrote:

I feel OMlulu spirit energy streaming to earth targets. It started with seeing a kachina as a shaman for Elizabeth. A teacher and helper. I could be a medium channeling to Eliz who is not ready for this yet.

OMlulu's shaman wants to twist dance me. Not easily met in the mind. Not a flyer. Is very emotional, threatening, impatient. She has some sticks, like two hollow flutes that she clicks together and forms signs with. Sort of runelike flutemudras.

She's radiant like the sun when I pay attention to her. I can see a lot of her in Elizabeth. Is old with white and grey hair, and underlying black. Is kind of like straightened black hair, yet each long strand is still waving, kinky, undaunted. It maybe the length and brushing of each hair that straightens it. So a great thick bush of hair loosely tied back.

ElizOms shaman was from Africa, but had travelled to Peru area and knew the Pangaea alignment* and the Tuatara People too. She's very ancient. She walks barefoot. Her feet know the earth. This I could do today too. Is so easy on a beach. The sand. She sticks sticks in her hair to resemble a tree. She sticks bones piercing her lips and nose to resemble a wild boar. She wears animal skin and has horns of buffalo. She's magnificent, revelling in all the magical shaman practices we call primitive, but that enable our whole spirit.

Wow, now she has a viking hat and a spear, not such a difficult transition. She pulls leeches from wounds. She is a healer. She's handing me stars into the star poua earings. Put them shell side down in the palms of my hands. Feel the transmission of healing. Put them on the swamp kauri amid the artifacts and hugged in with the scraps of materials from NZ. Communion. This is holy communion.

I feel Elizabeth should claim and tame this spirit. She is a great dance teacher. I spent most time at the gathered point, collapsing the pangaea lineup.* This is where the shaman is tethered. The only point we can both unequivocally relate to.

* See more information about the Tuatara, Pangaea, and the Gaia point.

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