Pangaea map from S. Warren Carey in 1997

Align in Pangaea

In Owens Valley, California, USA, I stood in ancient pictograph footprints facing south. To the left, the White Mountains. To the right, the High Sierra Mountains. In the south, an opening between the two ranges. Could it be that long ago when the continents were one in Pangaea (or Pangea), the Whites connected to the Cordillera Real in Peru (my trips) and the Sierras connected to the Cordillera Blanca (Leo's trips)? My son and I have climbed in both ranges, here in California and in Peru. My son then went to New Zealand. Might New Zealand be in the California-Peru lineup too?

In the library (1996), a search of geology books located Theories of the Earth and Universe A History of Dogma in the Earth Sciences, by S. Warren Carey (Stanford University Press, 1988). A map in the book on page 308 matched my vision and confirmed my intuition. His latest book, Earth, Universe, Cosmos (University of Tasmania 1996) has this information and more. I could read it online in preprint form.

map In 1996 I wrote to Professor Carey. A map he sent (shown above) matches my speculation about the California-Peru-NZ alignment. That would be before Pangaea spread and split into the two continents of Gondwanaland. The area of interest is the grey band that stretches between the top and bottom *P marks, labeled "East Asia Diapirs". Notice the islands between South America and Australia. They are New Zealand islands. You can see this figure in the book, Figure 111 (in Chapter 7, see the second figure after the heading, "The globe-makers").

Note: In 2000, the figure was available at http://WWW.GEOCITIES.COM/CapeCanaveral/Launchpad/8098/Fig112.gif. Unfortunately, Professor Carey and are gone now and I do not have his books. Since I believe he would like this image shared, you have my permission to use it, with the request that you link to this page for the related information.

The next figure in Earth Universe Cosmos shows the expanding earth and the changes in bands of color, over time. In the text Chapter 7, see Figure 112, just above the heading, "Synthesis".

I focus on the alignment as the Gaia Point. For a backwards look in time see the earth map animation of Gaia Point. Look from a point of view in New Zealand, the Two Thumbs.

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