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Elobeing history - Cell Spirits, 6D Noint Joint

The roots of Elobeing come together in history and topics. Cell spirits are us. These notes are directly from my journal on the third day after the death of my son Leo. I read it as a story.


need to create 6D noint joint for Leo's cells.

6D Noint Joint

7/28: start of 6-node joint, dynamic, creative

8/9: fleng wind placenta, centered at nothing point. brought back, anchored in pleek opposite rapp gravity weight

8/11: fleng bullet, rapp dandelion seed puff, fleng rainbow lubed balloon, rapp beams of rainbow light

8/13: fleng pearl placenta, rapp precious well formed well received. fleng consciousness symbol, rapp expansion tunnel of tubes of perimeters.

8/14 fleng voluminous pouf, rapp tubes forming energy. fleng rapp repeat

8/15: flengh tetrahedron, rapp humanly loving and caring

8/16 left: candle, right: joker face laugh beam-create joker octahedron array of octahedrons whatever they are--the hopi array (6 directions?)

8/18 fleng: consciousness symbol, rapp expanded vishnu shist expansion consciousness bird's nesty twiggy edged

8/19: fleng: golden orb, rapp expanded orb expands noint joint. fleng shaft of silver white blinding torch, rapp same established 6-node noint joint matrix with blinding light connections permanently (light feeds). also the eliz/carol vortex visions. Carol womb vortex. Eliz face vortex

8/21: fleng:vague point, rapp nuclear explosion. flengh flurry of arrows to point noint, rapp arrows to ground nuclear implosion of noint. This is 6-node noint joint

For the evolutionary being, the Elobeing, see vision and cross-references to scattered pages that introduce the Elobeing in various ways.

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