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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Greetings and welcome to the design wing of Wholeo Online trips in imaginary evolution. For notes on design of humans, beings, new species, and checklist for your design, go on.

The webspace design studio has these features or codes:

  • the purple intuitive Trips background windows open to air, weather, fog, smoke, creative myst, and balanced neutral -- you are in a special space within Trips/Imagine/Evolution/Design
  • webspace is wholeo-spherical, that is it appears as concentric spheres locally, but wholeo spheres in allspace
  • motifs of consciousness in the background show where you are concentrically in the design studio

      being bullet
    • point for a being

      human bullet

    • circled point for a human being

      Elobeing bullet

    • orb-rayed point for an elobeing

      your design bullet

    • shower drop point for your design

      This page has all the motifs, showing that it is beyond the inner spheres of each type of being design. From here you have access to any one of them.

  • The color is "blue sky-ing"
    That is dream walkabout to come up with what we want, with no regard for the cost, time, or availablity of anything raw, material or not. It is immaterial. Is this a paradox? To find out what we really should do on a most practical level, we need to first consider what we want and need. We can't do that honestly without leaving all limitations behind. If we think within limitations, our acts will be limited.

    the color is the sky is the limit, meaning endless. It should relate etherially blue to orchid. It should relate as mauvish neutral antique orchid to lavendar. And it should wink, blink, puff, and merge melifluously with all clouds or fogs or beams. Or answers blowing in the wind. And even chaos winds of change (XWC).

  • Buckminster Fuller preferred the word "discovery" to invention. So while we design, listen to the stories of what we are discovering. And interact with Elobeing discoveries.

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