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International Day of Yoga — Carolyoga Inner Solstice 2015

I began celebrating the June solstice as the Inner Solstice in 2013 and 2012, recognizing its galactic significance. I had recognized the lineup of sun, earth and galactic center since the 1970s though. For example in the 1979 Mt. Shasta and the Galaxy People lineup. Here is a storyboard for Inner Solstice 2015 and a video for Inner Solstice 2015 Galactic Alignment. The moment of solstice is 11:38AM on 2015-06-21.

This year, 2015, the United Nations has declared June 21 to be the International Day of Yoga.

After sitting in sunrise meditation, we did salute the sun yoga, called sun salutations, joining the global wave. I looked forward to yoga practice on the beach. It was globally connecting. May the world wide ocean connect with all continents and all conscsiousness at that time.

Later I worked on an online version of a labyrinth for deepening insights of the day.


United Nations

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Unify events signup and map We will all begin with a global synchronized sun salutation for 15 minutes At 12 Midnight GMT (4pm PDT, 6PM CDT), and end with a Global Synchronized Meditation at 5pm PDT (7PM CDT). Note that after the date, Unify will move on to the next event so this is a time-sensitive link.

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