Inner Solsice 2015 Galactic Alignment video

Inner Solstice 2015

Imagine being up for sunrise on the day of the Inner Solstice on June 21, 2015. Being on earth, you are between the sun ahead and the center of the galaxy behind you. As you meditate, you are moving out back in consciousness. You see the moon. On June 17 it was it was a new moon, lined up with the sun. The solstice is International Yoga Day and you are practicing and sending Wholeo blessings.

You expand through recent visions. A pearl. Becoming the pearl, rooted, connected, converting horizontal earth energies into vertical spiritual energies with UPs. Evolving the Wholeo Symbol to center galactically. Here is a storyboard of such a movie. The sunrise meditation movie of galactic alignment is here.

Inner Solstice 2015 sunrise meditationMoon Yoga Yoga Wholeo Blessings Pearl appears in vision Pearl at centerpearlized person merged pearlized person joins alignment pearlizd person lowered Pearl roots merge into person Connectors zap overhead UP appears UPs arise translating horizontal to vertical spiritual energies UPs upped Galactic Wholeo Symbol Galactic center Galactic center Galactic center big Galactic Wholeo Symbol 3D Center of Conscsiousness Crystal

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