Hello Galaxy New Moon 5, 2015

Earth is 5 days from alignment with the center of the galaxy

Year 2015 new moon 7

The sun zooms around the center of the galaxy (GC). See arrow on the racetrack in image for the direction. Earth zooms around sun toward and away from GC for inner and outer solstices. On June 16 at 9:08AM CDT, the seventh new moon in this 13-moon cycle pulls between earth, me, and sun, lining us up for that moment. Feel the angular momentum.

Wholeo Triangulation players"You are here" icon You are here. Also Triangulation Galactic with the players: Me, Moon/Sun, and GC

Note: NOT to scale. The sun, moon, earth, and galaxy all have different sizes and different distances from each other. Positions are relative to each other.

New Moon visionary meditation

Sunrise meditation Sat in meditation for New Moon 7 at 9:08AM CDT. Immediately became visionary meditation. Tweezle wootz transmission. It's new moon time and tweezle wootz are broadcasting. I saw (envisioned) the dark moon in front of the bright sun and radiating circles coming out from the center of the moon with segments of color in them. I wish I could decode that like different arcs of centrifugal lines, no, concentric. Equal in radius out but cut off in different angles from the center. I could draw this.

It's the tweezle wootz and they're sending messages. It's from the center of the radius to the.. . The center dark of the moon lined up and then the outer edge of the moon. Whoa, wow there are the tiny going-counter-clockwise, radiating arcs out with tiny rainbows in the them. I see them as fringes curving with the spin, although the message disk itself is not spinning. Ah, the vibrations are incredible. This feeling of love. Dynamic love. Love as an action. Pause. That's like a key, a term for mystic thing that I'm in that has no description.

Towards end knee hurting, moved to kneeling position. When see radiant UV blue fragments, I know I'm mentally aligned right. It feels like a physically moving position but it is a mental action. At the end placed hands together with edges and fingertips touching, not palm centers. Fingers are rounded and wrists at a greater angle. Knuckles away from the ones on the other hand. I can't remember why. Maybe to honor round transmission.

See Year 2015 13 moons page.

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