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Fibers, Fibers with Spin Net Heartspace warp, Spin Net Heartspace, Aglow

OAR16 Visions of Fibers and Spin Net Heartspace

Mystical Camping, Old Age Retreat 2016 day 2 on 2/29/2016, in the morning, two visions arrived, collided and merged. They came as wake-up dreams during the first night sleeping out in the tent Content, with rainfly off, open to the stars. Here's what I wrote at the time.

The first vision is of fibers. I think these are Carlos Castaneda's luminous fibers. They were gray on white and kind of like straight 4” hair combed in different directions. I would need to draw it like the oft-repinned graphic of energy in dorje form. That kind of fine pen (Rapidograph). Could do and will do in Photoshop.

The second vision was at a later wakeup time. It was an oval with pointed ends. Lozenge. No, a diamond with pointed ends and rounded sides. Could be stylized COB Cave of Brahma shown here: Into the Void. A non-touching border around the outside. Say in gold. Within that shape jewels set separately. The shape was light-emitting. It is most like the Spin Net in the Light Body book.

Fibers and Spin Net Heartspace Aglow AllOn 3-1 I continued as follows.

My fibers, how to intend them to my aura. Seeing the vessica (that's what my shape is, except is 3D and rounder than the overlap of two circles). Seeing the fibers connecting to the jewels, that are like chakras or energy centers within my system. Can't help thinking there could be assemblage points, at top and bottom.


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