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Visions of Two Acupuncture Sessions

I took a friend of mine to a doctor who practices traditional Chinese medicine. Placing tiny acupuncture needles along meridians in the body, he aims to restore balance of qi (energy). After placement the doctor leaves the room. Sitting on the side during a second series of two treatments administered to a friend, visions came. Since my first engagement with this process, it is getting clear that I have no reason to associate my visions with the doctor. Or even with the patient. All I know is that they are my visions. Therefore I'm omitting their names in this account.

Note: I have had undiagnosed problems exporting video from my Adobe editing program. I captured this clip from the source with QuickTime. The audio is distorted so I turned it down.

9-18 Circulating colors

9-18 Took friend to doctor. Gave him the location of the video of my visions.

9-18 under water with tube to flower above My visions were gray neutral water. like a lake or pool just endless medium everything. There was, however, a thin tube leading up to a bright water lily above with white, pink, and yellow hints, lively, dewy. I felt I had a connection to the light but she seemed entirely submerged and unaware. This was something like the gray cloud in the original series. Gently modulating, undulating with no specificity. This went on for a long time.

9-18 Networking filigree Later I got a new view that there were tiny colors in the DNA/RNA genome sequence strips of color parcels. These channels and branches and networks were there in the gray but now being colored. I think they were marquee lights, marching ants. There was a next stage of that, a next step, but I can't picture it. But I think the networking filigree spread up above the water and was light borne to revolve to the upper left lily flower and back down into the water, forming a continuous circuit. That is speculative in some way. There was more as time went on. But I made less effort to record it.

After her treatment, he said I should do a Taoist meditation with her every day. It is called Neijing Tu.

9-25 The doctor was glad we had done the meditation each day. Said head bent is to circulate qi. Breathe it in from all around and get it circulating in body. Then can direct on breathe out. He said he'd like to meditate with us together.

9-25 Horizonal field of twisties My vision upon start with her treatment was a whole field of wigglies something like the birth painting, but horizontal. Like a field unrelated to her.

9-25 Colored Light Spirits First thing after that was recognition of colored light spirits, throngs and gangs of them, filling allspace in the rooms. Had a somewhat wandering mind. Also know I had specifics not retained.

9-25 Smudge At one point there was a smudge, like 14" wide squeegee of color from shoulder level to mid-thighs. It was bands of neon, chartreuse, galaxy green and green. I partially looked up and saw her sort of spasming, stomach up and down, head bouncing. Later thought maybe she just had been coughing but don't remember any sound.

9-25 Rings and upright double spirals Oh yes toward the end had migrated to large circles, kind of Wholeo symbol in their intersections or edge to edge sometimes. Moving from head to toe and toe to head. Along the horizontal plane of the bed. I saw the two little opposite spirals that had appeared previously on 6-15 over her forehead. But they were bigger and stood up over the navel area of the tan tien, what Zennies (Zen practitioners) call the hara. I remembered it later, so am not sure exactly when it was. We did not continue the daily Neijing Tu meditations.

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