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Visions of Acupuncture

Dr. Wu practices traditional Chinese medicine. Placing tiny acupuncture needles along meridians in the body, he aims to restore balance of qi (energy). Sitting on the side during four acupuncture treatments administered to a friend, visions came. Click an image for a large one. This video presents brief views of them. Larger images.

Note: Since my first engagement with this process, it is getting clear that I have no reason to associate my visions with the doctor. Or even with the patient. All I know is that they are my visions. I'm omitting their names in the next account but not in the orignal movie.

6-1 6-1 There was a turbulent wavy motion along the bed and her body. Generated from the feet. Some reaching as high as heart level. It subsided after awhile, but there were colors, little bubbles, orbs, probably colored light spirits. As if they are healing energies summoned by the process. Colors alongside her body, maybe a foot or so out but mostly congregating at her skin.

6-5 rainbow6-5 6-5 Vision of head to feet zapping connection on her once he left and we settled down. Then a wave starting at feet small, narrow fountain flow exuding rainbow but becoming white light at base and most of the fan out to brain. Up in there were banks of round light bright marbles, spheres, not too big, not memory beads, that were getting rainbowed.

6-15 6-15 First was a draining cloud over her. Whooshing down from head area out, fanning out in ruffled clouds over solar plexus. There was a time of swirls, small green swirls cleansing frontal lobes. And opposite spirals on two kind of feeler stalks above.

6-26 6-26 All energy coming down straight down (from the ceiling, the sky) forcefully with arrows from above. Whump whump etc. pounding away. An effort to dispel obstructions. This resulted in the circles (seen before as floating orbs) lining her body around the edge of the bed. Transferring energy out to a larger circle or oval or egg-shape of more circles. Went to brain cleaning but it is all over the body.

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